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The company features an own industry base, set in Varna, in district Asparuhovo, neighborhood “Borovec – West” for the industry and the processing on the lands for the indicative plates and the road signs among these the pylons and the fasten items for them and another instrumentalities for organization and motion safety ; local halls and tooling for running with lighting materials; a hall for digital processing ; halls for an applique ; storeroom for guardianship of lighting materials ; storerooms for semi-finished and finished goods.

The technology appointment with which the company of the production works in road signs and number plates is following: a cutting plotter in a suite with a computer of 2 sconces, a rolling applicant – 1 sconce. This permits fabrication of 750 squared road signs and indicative number plates for 1 for a month.

The needed technological govern of climatic facility is guaranteed for an applique in the halls and the rooms, and the purity of the plants and the cleaning of the grounds of the road signs and indicative number plates is performed before an applique are performed by a private cleaning company.

For transporting the ready product Franco the storeroom of the taskmaster, situates the company with specialized transportation as follows: trucks (lorries) and harbored load cars and a semi with opportunity for transportation of huge detail-pylons and consoles of indicative number plates, indicative number plates, etc.; Slightly load car-type with shelves for delivering of road signs and open type with a metallic “pyramid” for transportation of the indicative number plates, etc.